31 Top Women’s Books (part 1)

March is Women’s History Month and I decided that everyday of the month, I would post one of my favorite and recommended books by and about women.  Several people have asked that I collect them all in one place, so... Read more →

Thinking about life after death

Catch my 5 minute video with musings on life after death.  Is it possible?  How does it work?  What does a process theologians have to say about spirits, ancestors, heaven and resurrection?  Curious?  Click here to find out. The video... Read more →

“Creative transformation” in 2 minutes!

Hear me riff about the theological concept of “creative transformation.”  In just 2 minutes! That’s right – you can get theology in less than the time it takes to get through a commercial break.  Check it out by clicking here.

Ohio Lectures on Religious Pluralism

Monica A. Coleman gives 2012 Williams Institute Lectures at Methodist Theological School of Ohio on “Interreligious Outsiders” February 28-29.  Two lectures: one on multiple religious belonging, and one on transreligious spirituality.  Meet me there to learn more. Read more about... Read more →

Life of the Mind

  On December 1, 2011 the full professors of Claremont School of Theology rendered a unanimous vote to recommend that the Board of Trustees award me tenure. In the academic world, tenure is a significant accomplishment to which many aspire... Read more →

Will the Churches Look After the Sick?

I now wonder what might have happened if I had ever heard a minister preach about mental health. What would I have thought if we had prayed for people living with depressions, schizophrenias, or borderline personality disorders like we prayed... Read more →