A Spiritual Practice for Lent!  

Looking for a spiritual resource that keeps it real 

with the experience of depression?

40 day faith journey

Reflecting on Faith and Depression

With 40 Day Faith Journey, you don't have to pretend that sadness isn't a part of your life and faith.

Starting February 17, 2021!

Now only $37!

Are you tired of looking for a devotional that resonates with your actual experience?

Are you looking for a guide for this part of your spiritual journey?

Do you want to learn more about living at the intersection of depression and faith?

Are you tired of people telling you that you are "too blessed to be stressed"?

What if there was a way to be honest about depression without giving up on faith?

What if there was a way to express your faith through life's ups and downs?

What if you had a resource for your everyday spirituality - not the super holy one that people expect you to have?

That's why I've put together the 40 Day Faith Journey. 

I offer a guide for reflecting on your everyday spirituality that lets you be real about the challenges of being faithful while living with depression - and shows you some light posts along the way.

join the 40 day faith journey!

You will get a devotional and journal to reflect on faith and depression.

You'll have resources for daily edification.

You'll learn spiritual practices you can really do (nothing against prayer and fasting) 

You will have a chance to learn more with me live

Journey begins February 17, 2021

You'll receive:

A digital copy of my book Not Alone: Reflections on Faith and Depression
An accompanying e-journal for your reflections
A spiritual practice to try each week
Daily inspirational quotes
A live call with me once a week for your questions or reflections
Bonus: 10 easy vegan recipes
Bonus: an inspirational audio message from me about faith and depression - available as soon as you sign up 

I want people of faith who live with depression and those who love them to know that they are not alone. 


I'm a professor of religion, a religious leader and a person of faith who lives with a depressive condition. Many years ago, I was looking for a devotional that was honest about how hard it can be to live with depression. About how I liked God just fine, but I wasn't sure about my ability to hold onto the faith when I was really sad. I couldn't find anything, so I wrote one. The devotional has been taught to ministers in seminaries around the country and used in churches, synagogues and book clubs. 

I want us to have access to resources that don't ask you to be super holy and pious - because I know you don't have the bandwidth for all of that. I'm glad to offer you the 40-Day Faith Journey with the devotional and additional resources for your real spirituality.

Maybe right now you're still feeling the sadness of isolation and stress and just ... depression
Maybe you miss gathering with your faith community
Maybe you're looking for a resource for the spiritual life you really have - not the one that feels impossible to attain

Imagine if ... 

You didn't feel alone in your experience
You could be in conversation with someone who is traveling the same kind of journey
You had ideas for new ways of connecting with God
You could keep it real about all those spiritual platitudes like: Sure they that wait on God will mount up with wings as eagles, but can we talk about how much actual waiting sucks?

You can find this guide in the
40 Day Faith Journey: Reflecting on Faith and Depression

Starting February 17, 2021!

This is for you!

People of faith who live with depression

This will resonate with your experience and the faith journey that goes along with it

People who care about or work with people of faith who live with depression

You'll learn more about how it feels to live with depression and the faith challenges and joys that come with it

People who haven't been satisfied with other devotionals

You'll get a keeping-it-real approach to your everyday spirituality and a guide for this path

Where are we going?

By the end of this journey ...

You will have several opportunities to connect the experience of depression and faith
You will know more about the faith lives of those who live with depression
You will have six new spiritual practices
You will feel inspired in your everyday faith

what's Included in the 40 day faith journey?

the not alone devotional

the devotional

A digital copy of my book Not Alone: Reflections on Faith and Depression

the not alone e-journal

a journal for your reflections

A journal synced with the devotional where you can write down your own reflections on the daily themes. 

rituals for the rest of us

6 spiritual practices to try 

What?! There's more than prayer and fasting? There sure is! I'll share a new spiritual practice with you each week that you can practice for 7 days

everyday encouragement

daily inspirational quotes

You'll receive a daily inspiration quote - right to your inbox each day for 40 days


weekly live video call

Still got questions? Let me know what's on your mind or if you have questions about the week's devotional, I'll be there for conversation

added bonuses!

bonus: 10 easy vegan recipes

daniel fast anyone?

Maybe you are used to spiritual journeys that include fasting. The Daniel Fast is a really popular program. It's how I normally eat as a vegan. Shopping list available immediately. 

BONUS: inspirational message

I'm glad to share a motivational boost about how God honors the sometimes-rugged journey of living with depression. Available immediately when you sign up

Starting February 17, 2021!

Journeyers Say ....

I saw myself in your book - now I remind myself I am not alone but always with God and others.

Depression is hard, and one of the hardest things about it is how isolating it can be. What an encouragement it has been to participate in this journey that reminded me daily that I am not alone in this experience!

Not Alone lives up to its name. I felt I had a host of silent witnesses journeying through this process with me. And it made a difference. 

How does this work?

Click the button to purchase

Within a couple of minutes, you’ll receive a welcome email asking to you to confirm, and giving you access to the inspirational message and the shopping list for the vegan recipes

If you purchase by February 10, on February 11, you’ll receive a poll asking you about the best day and time for the weekly live call. I'll email you back and let you know the results

On February 17, you’ll receive the Not Alone devotional and eJournal and the bonus recipes

Between February 17 and April 3, you’ll receive an inspirational message to your inbox every day and a new spiritual practice at the beginning of each week

Every week you’ll receive a link to get on the live call with me

Frequently Asked Questions

I already own a copy of "Not Alone." Can I get a reduction in price?

A digital copy of "Not Alone" comes with the 40 Day Faith Journey. You can gift your existing or new copy to a friend if you like.

I'd like to take this journey with a friend or small group.

If you have a friend who you think will benefit from this, you can purchase the 40 Day Faith Journey as a gift for them. Just put their name and email in the sign-up section.

Can I read the "Not Alone" devotional on my Kindle or Nook?

Yes, you have the option to download the book right to your Kindle or Nook. I provide instructions.

I don't have a Kindle or other eReader, can I access the devotional?

Yes. I'll give you the option to download as a PDF too

I don't have a printer - or much ink in the printer I do have.  Will I have to print out the eJournal to use it?

You can if you want to. But if you want to save some trees, enjoy the colors, or just prefer working off your laptop or tablet, you can download it and type right into the journal.

What's up with the vegan recipes?

It’s a fun bonus.  Some people are used to fasting, or going meatless on a spiritual journey.  This just makes it a little easier for you.  And if you’re not, it’s something fun to try if you want.

When will the weekly live session be?

If you sign up before February 10, you’ll get a poll to vote for the best time for you and I’ll choose a time that works best for the most people. If you miss it, no problems, you'll get a replay to listen to at your convenience.

Is this for all people of faith, or just for Christians?

Not Alone references Jewish and Christian scriptures. Readers from Jewish and Christian backgrounds have enjoyed Not Alone.  There are no strong statements of Christian doctrine, but this will be most comfortable for people familiar with Abrahamic faiths.

Join the journey and receive a guide and resources that will keep you inspired in the experience of depression and faith

Starting February 17, 2021!


Now only $37!

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