This month marks a decade of publication for Faith & Leadership, a learning resource for Christian leaders and their institutions from Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School. Check out some of our most memorable offerings — and suggest some of your own.

In January 2009, we posted the first story on Faith & Leadership — aptly titled “Starting Well.” In the decade since, we’ve offered almost 1,600 pieces of original content, including feature stories, essays, interviews, sermons, videos, photo essays and a podcast. In addition, we’ve curated the News & Ideas newsletter every weekday morning to help you stay informed about the church and the world as you lead.

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We hope that you feel connected to the network of contributors to the site — the thinkers and writers, artists and theologians, leaders and followers who are engaged in the creative, innovative and holy work of ministry.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we offer you 10 memorable pieces that represent the way we try every day to respond to your needs, offer a mix of perspectives and lean into hope.

Monica A. Coleman: Jesus is here, even for those silenced by depression

In Holy Week, a favorite gospel song reminds the author that God loves even those who cannot cry out in praise, those whom depression has left as silent as stones. Read more of my article here


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