Monica A. Coleman

teaches a faith that liberates.

A renowned leader in process theology and liberation theologies, Coleman speaks throughout the U.S. and international settings. In every presentation, she educates, cultivates and empowers people of faith and purpose to connect their beliefs with both their personal experiences and social action. Coleman speaks on many of the issues that religious leaders avoid: sexual and domestic violence, mental health, postmodern belief, religious diversity. She offers key insights about these issues with pragmatic solutions for individuals and communities.

At colleges, churches, foundation meetings or leadership retreats, Coleman speaks with sincerity and depth of knowledge. She re-imagines scripture giving fresh perspectives on well-known texts to apply to today’s world. She brings life to statistics and data about violence and mental health through unforgettable thick descriptions of real life. She explains how philosophy, narrative and culture intersect to offer new models for understanding faith in today’s society. She offers exercises and practices for taking the next step forward.

see Dr. Monica in action

Dr. Coleman has a way of grabbing your mind and forcing it to grapple with very deep issues without you even noticing that it’s happening. An effortless speaker, the power of her message is immense and her ability to speak to our theme was more than impressive. Participants left feeling energized, elevated, and most of all, inspired.

-Anna S., Lecture Series Director

Coleman has the blueprint and she unashamedly shares the designs for success through her personal and professional witness.


– Nikia R., Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Coleman is engaging and welcoming and she combines personal stories with practical suggestions and strategies for living with depression.

– Jean P., Program Coordinator

Dr. Monica Coleman is a superb teacher, an innovative theologian. Wildly engaging and dynamic. Gripping. All without notes!

-Andrea W., Professor

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