If you believe justice is the natural outgrowth of your faith, learn with me.

Monica A. Coleman shares her expertise so that other people can have the tools and information they need to grow and thrive in meaningful ways. She consults with churches and mission-driven organizations to coordinate programs and curricula to be a force for creative transformation in the world.  Dr. Coleman consults with mentoring programs to equip graduate students in navigating life in academia.

Looking for ways to strengthen your work around faith, mental health and race?  Care about the intersection of faith and sexual and domestic violence, but looking for programmatic ways to get started? Looking to train your staff or stakeholders?  Dr. Coleman offers exploratory sessions and workshops to help your organization better transform your community.

Dr. Coleman has over 15 years of experience in mentoring graduate students in the humanities.  Graduate departments and mentoring programs may host Dr. Coleman for workshops on academic success: developing career mission statements, curriculum vitae review, academic job interview skills, and negotiating career with disability.  Dr. Coleman guides students to align their skills and materials with their professional goals.

Dr. Coleman’s mix of practice and theory enabled our audience – of all walks of life – to grasp her presentation, be inspired by it, and apply it to work at the local church level. She challenged some of our long-held notions of the church, and offered new insight to move forward in the 21st century without sacrificing the basic tenets of the Christian faith. I endorse her style of teaching which motivates everyone to reach a greater understanding of the critical issues of our time.

– James D., Denominational Bishop

Monica Coleman is excellent in creating an interactive educational space. It takes a special talent and perseverance to create a loving environment in which others can explore their thoughts and perspectives in a way that generates not only strong academics but also a way to put into practice those ideas in meaningful ways.


– Award nominator

Monica A. Coleman shares her expertise so that other people can have the tools and information they need to grow and thrive in meaningful ways. She guides organizations as they navigate change to align their values with their professional goals.

Students love the way her honest theological work transforms traditional Christian beliefs and leads them to action in the world on behalf of the neighbor who suffers.


– Ann P., Professor

It was informative and delightful to have Dr. Coleman join us for the Faculty Retreat. I gained much from the breadth of her sharing and the excellent recommendations she offered.


– Leah F., Seminary President

see new possibilities


In every context, Coleman helps others to see new possibilities while maintaining strength in their values and ideals.