Lenten Reading Group

Lent is one of my favorite seasons in the traditional Christian calendar. In early Christian communities, new converts to Christianity were often baptized on Easter Day.  Lent was the 40-day season before Easter when they learned more about their faith and... Read more →

Grief is not Depression …

Many writers say that depression is like grief, but deeper, longer, worse somehow. “Depression is grief out of proportion to circumstance,” says National Book Award winner, Andrew Solomon in Noonday Demon: an Atlas of Depression. I’ve always doubted that somehow. I... Read more →

What I Wish People Knew About Depression

My colleague Therese Borchard recently wrote this brilliant post on what she wishes people knew about depression.  It’s great.  i could not have said it better myself.  Check it out: I wish people knew that depression is complex, that it... Read more →

Online Altar Rails

I continue to blog for the New Media Project where we help religious leaders become theologically savvy about technology.  For the series on community formation and social media, I write about a recent loss, and turn to online communities for... Read more →

The Black Church and Sexual Assault

Ebony.com recently featured a series on Sexual Assault and African American communities organized by colleague and survivor, Lori Robinson.  Lori has written an important book about surviving and healing from sexual assault.  She conducted an interview with me where I... Read more →

Interview with Dr. Wizdom Powell Hammond

This Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m interviewing Wizdom Powell Hammond, Assistant Professor of Health Behavior, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I met Wizdom Powell years ago at a conference. We quickly... Read more →

Life Support

As I came to accept that depression would be a part of life, I started to read about strategies for living successfully with depression. I connected with various advocacy organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Depression Bipolar... Read more →